Our Services

Invitations and Announcements

We love to create one-of-a-kind custom invitations designed exclusively for our clients. As designers, artists and craftspeople, we bring our training, visionary approach and our creative passion into every project. We love to explore vibrant color, quality materials and the variety of ways that you can say "Come celebrate this wonderful event with us!" 

Personal and Business Stationery

When you hand someone a beautifully printed letterpress business card right away they feel the texture and the impression of the type.  Personalize your professional image with letterpress business cards and stationery for corporate correspondence. 

Fine Printing & Broadsides

We have partnered with artists and have produced mixed media works on paper with letterpress being a component of the finished work. We have letterpress printed over silkscreen and watercolor to produce one-of-a-kind works on paper.

Also we are proud to have an extensive collection of complete Hamilton wood type fonts from 4 to 30 line; tiny to huge!  We have the capability to print up to 14" x 22" posters, any quantity and color.

In-house Design

Whatever your printing needs, from simple to extravagant, we can help you realize it. We approach the design and production of every project with attention to detail and commitment to satisfying our customers with the best of letterpress printing.

About Letterpress

In the past, traditional letterpress printing was used in the mass production of printed goods. If finished work showed any impression, it was considered to be the work of a less skilled pressman. With the advent of offset and digital printing, the process and machinery of letterpress printing was rendered obsolete.

Artists and hobbyist began acquiring these old presses, using them to create deep impressions in their works. Old school printers refer to this style of printing as the “black arts”. We find it beautiful.

At Highway Press, we combine our 20th century presses with digital type and images rendered from negatives onto Polymer plates. We complete each step of this process, including the design, film development, plate creation and printing in our shop.